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Series 9 - 24" Double Side Burner/Griddle - LP

Series 9 - 24" Double Side Burner/Griddle - LP


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Get the best of both worlds with a Griddle and Dual Side Burner. Combining the quick cooking griddle with two side burners for sautéing and simmering, this is a hard working product for the outdoor kitchen where space is limited.

  • Seamless installation and interconnectivity between products allows for unified operation, from ignition to dial illumination
  • Fast, weather resistant ignition system
  • Made from durable, hardwearing 304 stainless steel
  • Able to be built-in or mounted on a freestanding cart (Grill Cart sold separately - CAD1-30E)

This model is also available in Natural Gas (model GDSBE1-302-N)