Choose your perfect grill fuel and fire up your cooking game! Whether you have a grill, wood or pellet smoker, our selection of the best fuel options available can help you be prepared for your next cook or smoke. Find the right fuel for your next grilling session.
pellets in grill hopper


The best way to elevate your grilling game with our premium wood pellets, ideal for those who crave that authentic smoky flavor.

Perfect for slow cooking and smoking, our pellets ensure consistent temperature and efficient burning.

Choose from Pecan, Cherry, Apple Wood, Mesquite and more.

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charcoal in tray with kindling to start


Get that classic grilling experience with our high-quality charcoal. Ideal for chefs who love a hands-on approach and a smoldering charcoal aroma.

Our charcoal burns hotter and longer, giving your meals a distinctive char-grilled taste.

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pile of wood chips for smoking or grilling


Find new flavors in our specially curated wood chips and wood chunks.

Ideal for adding a rich, smoky taste to any meal, our wood products come in a variety of types including hickory, mesquite, apple, and cherry.

Wood chunks and chips are suitable for both grilling and smoking.

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